Renewal Instructions

Licenses expire on October 31st of the year of issue. A license renewal notice is mailed to each licensed psychologist at their last address of record approximately sixty (60) days prior to October 31st. The renewal application must be post-marked by October 31st to be considered without a late fee.  When the renewal application is approved, the license is renewed for one (1) calendar year. The renewed licensee will will receive new pocket ID cards and a receipt for the renewal fee.

Please note all licenses must be renewed by October 31st of each year in order to continue to practice in the state. If your license is not renewed by October 31, YOU MAY NOT PRACTICE IN WYOMING. 

Renewal Application (these forms will become available approximately 60 days prior to the October 31st expiration date)


The Wyoming Board of Respiratory Care is staffed through the Professional Licensing Boards Office, a division of A&I.