If the name you are seeking is not listed, please email JoAnn.Reid@wyo.gov to obtain a copy of that disciplinary action.  
NameDocket NumberFinal Action
Frost, Linda 2004-07 Final Action 
Gonnoud, Kristin 2008-01 Final Action 
Hartsig, Theresa 2012-01 Final Action 
Hasbrouck, Kenna 2015-01 & 2016-02 Final Action 
Heyer, Jeffrey 2004-08 Final Action 
McHattie, Dennis 2004-09 Final Action 
Meeks (Koontz), Afton 2009-02 Final Action 
Meeks, Robyn 2004-06 Final Action 
Rue, Sharon 2004-11 Final Action 
Starkey, Jeff 2008-03 Final Action 
Thompson, Emily 2008-04 Final Action 
Wolff, Patrick 2004-10 Final Action 
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